Golden Saga offers an option to repair your jewelry or simply to clean it. Our jewelers are very experienced, they can repair your jewelry with very high precision or re-size your ring and also even make jewelery based on your wishes. 

In order to see our jeweler visit our shop in Riga, Dzirnavu iela 119, Latvia, "JUVELIERU FABRIKA NR.1".

Golden Saga offers various engraving services – engraving by hand and engraving by machine. Professional quality is achieved by using a highly precise computer-controlled processing unit with hard alloy cutting tools.

Engraving is possible on any flat and a bit bent surfaces. The choice of engraving material is very wide:

• All types of metal and it’s alloys;
• Precious metal – gold, silver, platinum, palladium;
• Organic glass, all types of plastic and plastic products.


Simply put, if the material is solid and thick, we will find a way to perpetuate your dedication.