To keep your jewelry’s magic and for it to serve longer, please pay attention to the following warranty, use and maintenance regulations.


We offer 2 year warranty for jewelry, which enters into force after the purchase has been made.
If a manufacturing defect is detected, the warranty repairs are free of charge.

The warranty repairs are done within a month (depending on the difficulty of the repairs). If a gem needs to be replaced (for example, if it has been lost due to insufficiently strong jewelry fastener), the time period for the repairs is extended (depending on the time required to receive the gem from the manufacturer).
If the item cannot be repaired it is changed for an equal or the customer receives a refund. Golden Saga keeps the rights to independently evaluate the possibility of repairs, exchange and refunds.

Please note that the warranty is valid only if the jewelry use and maintenance regulations have been followed, also, the customer must be able to provide a proof-of-purchase document (receipt, extract of the bank account or the packing slip handed over by the courier). Every application is examined in order to determine accordance to the warranty regulations – manufacturing defect or result of incorrect use.

Please note that free of charge warranty repairs are not possible if:
defects are the result of incorrect use;
defects are the result of incorrect cleaning and/or storing;
it is found that the client has tried to repair the item independently.

Use and maintenance regulations

Jewelry must be taken off:

*before using any detergents, especially those containing alkali, acids, chlorine, iodine;
*before any medical procedures, including physiotherapy treatments and massages;
*before any water procedures, including, attending showers, baths, sunbeds, saunas, gym, exercising, pools or beach;
*before going to bed; when doing household chores;
*before all kinds of cream, oil, lotions, perfumes, aromatic oil and other skin care product application, especially those that contain alkali, acids, chlorine, iodine, mercury, etc.


By wearing blown jewelry under tight clothing it may become deformed.
By wearing heavy, big sized pendants on the blown or snake-type necklace it may become deformed or break.
By wearing jewelry from rubber, leather, silicone, enamel or cermet while attending bath, sauna or sunbed, possible chemical and thermal damages may appear.

Forbidden while wearing jewelry!

Do not use jewelry for purposes it is not meant for, like using rings to undo bottle corks, do not wear heavy objects on your chain etc.
Do not clean jewelry with abrasive agents: toothpaste, paste for cleaning household items or pluming, soda.
Do not clean jewelry with agents containing alkali, acids, chlorine, iodine and spirit.
Do not hang pendants on chains or bracelets before consulting the seller (the pendant must be considerably lighter than the chain or bracelet).
Do not wear multiple jewelry items at the same time close to each other, otherwise scratches may appear.
Do not wear patterned (lace type) jewelry with knitted clothing.

Jewelery maintaining and storing

Jewelery must be stored in a special box or bag in order to avoid direct sunlight (forbidden to store jewelry in wallet, pocket etc.).
Each piece of jewelry must be stored in a separate compartment of the box or bag in order to avoid scratches.
Jewelry must be cleaned with special agents or napkins (according to the instructions), obligatory to dry and wipe a soft cloth.
Gold and silver jewelry items with natural gems, especially with pearls, coral and nacre can only be cleaned at a jewelry shop, cleaning such an item in household conditions may result in irreversible damages to the item.
Avoid mechanical damages to gems with basket-type fastening - hooking or bending the fastening the stone may fall out.

Silverware/ silver interior objects maintaining and storing

If you take good care of your silverware it will stay beautiful and shiny for a long time.
The best way to tend for your silverware is to use it every day.
Wash your silverware by hand and one by one in warm soapy water.
Dry immediately after washing with a soft towel.
Do not use abrasive utensils (brushes) to clean your silverware.
Dishwasher is not recommended.
Keeps your silverware in special boxes or cartridges to avoid scratches and darkening.
You can use specially designed cloths and pasts to clean your silverware.
Silverware may also darken in contct with some foodstuffs - onion, yolk, salt, mayonnaise etc.

Important information

Complaints are revised only when the receipt confirming the purchase is presented.
Complaints regarding the quality of the jewelry are accepted 2 (two) years after the made purchase.
It is possible to exchange or return those jewelry items which have had a hidden manufacturing defect, which cannot be fixed.
Rhodium plated and gold-plated jewelery can have a natural wear and tear, which is not considered to be a defect.

Jewelry return, exchange or claim examination is not performed in the following cases:

Jewelry is arbitrarily damaged;
Jewelry is damaged as a result of incorrect wearing, maintaining, storing, cleaning or independant repair.
The size or weight of the jewelry has been changed.

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